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Summer Youth learn budget basics

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Jul 5, 2016
by Andreah Miller

On Thursday, June 30, 2016 Summer Youth workers went to the Leroy Collins Library for their civil engagement. Students were separated into teams based on their place of work. Staff of the budget department then introduced themselves. After a brief introduction there was an informative presentation about budgeting. After the presentation the rules of the budgeting games were explained. After all instruction were clear teams began to play. The object of the budgeting games was to balance the budget. Workers had to choose a priority as well as go through challenges that would decrease the budget. Workers also had to make budget cuts to help balance the budgets. After the budgeting game, students were tested on their knowledge of Tallahassee.  After the Jeopardy game, summer Youth workers were split into two groups. One group helps label seed packages. The other went on a tour of the library. Both groups got to do both activities. After all activities were done students then received a survey that had to be filled out before signing out.